What effect does pumpkin seed have

Pumpkin seeds have the effects of tonifying middle Qi, diminishing inflammation and pain, reducing sugar, relieving cough, detoxifying and killing insects. Pumpkin seeds can absorb some heavy metals in the body, so they have the effect of detoxification. Pumpkin seed can promote bile secretion and strengthen gastrointestinal peristalsis, so it also has the effect of promoting digestion and protecting gastric mucosa.

What effect does pumpkin seed have

Pumpkin seed has hypoglycemic effect, so it can be used to treat diabetes. Pumpkin seeds can protect liver and kidney and enhance the regeneration ability of liver and kidney cells. Pumpkin seed has a very good insecticidal effect and can treat Ascaris and other parasites in the body.

What effect does pumpkin seed have

Pumpkin seeds should be avoided:

Pumpkin seeds are suitable for people eating Ascaris, intestinal worms, taeniasis, hookworm disease, fluke disease, diabetes, prostatic hypertrophy and postpartum edema of hands and feet and lactation.

Pumpkin seeds are non-toxic. However, eating too much pumpkin seeds can lead to dizziness. In addition, patients with stomach heat should eat less, otherwise they will feel abdominal distension and stuffy.

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