Can the slaughtered chickens and ducks pass the security check

The slaughtered chickens and ducks can pass the security check. When taking domestic flights, slaughtered chickens and ducks are not prohibited items and can pass the security check, but they need to be sealed and packaged to avoid blood overflow.

According to China's aviation regulations, you can carry less than 5kg with you, and choose to consign more than 5kg. However, the temperature of the aircraft cabin and cargo warehouse is 18 ~ 25 degrees, which is easy to cause deterioration and damage of chickens and ducks. Therefore, you should choose to consign as much as possible.

Can the slaughtered chickens and ducks pass the security check

According to regulations, seafood and other fresh foods must be processed before they can be carried. They can't carry water or ice. The box must be leak proof; Durian, coconut and other fruits with strong special smell and high water content can neither be brought on the plane nor checked.

At present, professional knives and cosmetics other than controlled knives, such as fruit knives, razors and other domestic knives, scalpels and so on, can not be carried with you when taking the plane. If it is too late to handle the consignment, they can be kept by the safety supervision department within the specified time after completing the relevant procedures.

Can the slaughtered chickens and ducks pass the security check

It should be noted that all guns, ammunition, ordnance, police equipment, explosives, inflammables and explosives, highly toxic substances, radioactive substances, corrosive substances, dangerous solutions and other prohibited substances are not allowed to be brought on the plane or checked. Once it is checked by the security inspection department, it needs to bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

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