What is HIIT

HIIT is the abbreviation of high intensity interval training, which means high-intensity interval training method. It is used to practice cardiopulmonary function, impact speed and obvious fat reduction effect in combination with other training. This special training method has been popular in Europe and the United States since its advent.

What is HIIT

Five benefits of HIIT:

1. Good effect and high efficiency

The effect of doing 10 min HIIT is equivalent to 30 min jogging, or even better, because it will continue to burn fat after training.

2. No muscle loss

The traditional low-intensity aerobic exercise will decompose the muscle if it is done for too long (more than 30min), which is not conducive to muscle growth. However, HIIT has short time and great stimulation to muscles, which can maintain muscle quality.

3. Still burning fat after training

HIIT can not only burn a large number of calories during short-term exercise, but also produce the after burn effect after exercise and improve the metabolic rate, so that you can reduce fat for a long time after exercise, watch TV and sleep.

What is HIIT

4. Improve performance

HIIT can improve cardiopulmonary endurance, improve your speed and explosive power, and make it more pleasant and won't find it difficult to stick to it.

5. Improve chronic diseases

The effect of improving diabetes and cardiovascular disease is much better than that of traditional low intensity aerobic exercise.

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