The moral of peony

Implication of peony flower:

1. Wealth and auspiciousness

Peony is the most common flower in traditional Chinese painting. Because peony is the representative of wealth and auspiciousness, Chinese people now use traditional Chinese painting with peony to imply beautiful auspicious wealth.

2. Noble and elegant

Peony also means nobility, elegance and elegance. It is often used to symbolize people with noble temperament.

3. Keep one's word

Peony symbolizes a person who sticks to his promise and keeps his promise.

The moral of peony

Extended data:

Peony is a perennial deciduous shrub of Paeoniaceae and Paeonia. It is mostly formed by the hybridization of purple spot peony and Jishan peony. It is an important ornamental plant and one of the top ten famous flowers in China.

Peony was once regarded as China's national flower, known as the "king of flowers". Because its flowers are large and fragrant, it is also known as "national color and natural fragrance"

Peony is a unique and precious flower in China. It is native to the mountains around Qinling and Daba Mountains in the West. It has thousands of years of natural growth and more than 1500 years of artificial cultivation history. Now it has been introduced all over the world.

The moral of peony

Peony likes a warm, cool, dry and sunny environment. Like sunshine, also resistant to semi shade, cold, drought and weak alkali. Avoid ponding, fear of heat and direct sunlight. It is suitable for growing in loose, deep, fertile, high and dry neutral sandy loam with good drainage. Poor growth in acidic or viscous soils.

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