What does waterproof grade IPX 4 mean

Waterproof grade IPx4 means IP waterproof certification grade 4. IPx4 means that the electronic instrument is splash proof and is free from harmful effects due to water splashing in any direction.

IP grade waterproof test equipment is used to assess whether the shell and seal of electrical and electronic products can ensure the good working performance and technical state of the equipment and components after the water test or during the test.

What does waterproof grade IPX 4 mean

Expansion materials:

Waterproof grade refers to the level of waterproof protection function, including building waterproof grade and instrument waterproof and dustproof grade. It is mainly determined according to the nature, importance, functional requirements, structural characteristics and service life of the waterproof layer of the building.

The following conditions are comprehensively considered when dividing the waterproof grade:

1. Leakage will cause huge losses, even personal casualties;

2. Leakage will cause great economic losses;

3. Leakage will cause general economic losses;

4. Leakage will affect the appearance.

What does waterproof grade IPX 4 mean

The waterproof grade of the electronic measuring instrument reflects the ability of moisture-proof and dust-proof of the instrument, especially for outdoor activities, it is inevitable to be in the harsh environment of high humidity or dusty sand. The sealing and waterproof ability of the instrument is very important to ensure the safe operation and service life of the instrument. Therefore, iec529 standard is formulated internationally. In order to adapt to this, the waterproof protection of electronic instruments is divided into 10 levels in Japanese industrial standards.

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