Can solid hotpot ingredients pass the security check

Unopened solid hot pot ingredients can pass the security check, but liquid ones may not pass the security check. You can take a small amount with you. If you need to carry a large number of hot pot bottom materials, you can only handle consignment. Liquid hot pot seasoning cannot be carried with you. No matter how much it is, it can only be consigned.

Can solid hotpot ingredients pass the security check

When taking domestic flights, the total weight of hand luggage carried on shall not exceed 5kg, and the volume of each item shall not exceed 20 kg × forty × 55 cm, exceeding the specified number, weight or volume limit, the airline will require the baggage to be checked in.

Can solid hotpot ingredients pass the security check

For domestic flights, the luggage carried shall not only comply with the regulations on the administration of dangerous goods transportation in civil aviation of China, but also comply with the relevant regulations of airlines. Generally, inflammable, explosive, toxic, radioactive and perishable objects are not allowed to be carried, nor are guns and controlled knives.

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