Can raw rice insects still eat

Rice worms are edible. Generally, rice is only raw insects and can be eaten if it is not moldy. At ordinary times, clean the rice storage tank or bucket to prevent winter insect pupae from hiding inside. Once the rice worm is found, the rice can be dried in a cool place to let the worm fly away or climb out. The rice can be eaten after removing the worm.

Can raw rice insects still eat

Rice insect tips:

1. Put pepper

Chinese prickly ash can not only be used as a seasoning for cooking, but also a natural antioxidant. It has a special flavor and has the effect of expelling insects. Wrap the Chinese prickly ash with cloth or paper towel and put it into a rice jar or rice bag. After the Chinese prickly ash is put in place, tie the rice bag tightly and put it in a cool and ventilated place to prevent rice insects.

2. Enlarge garlic

First prepare a few cloves of garlic, peel off the skin, and then put them into the rice jar. You can put garlic while pouring the rice into the rice jar, and put a few cloves in at a certain distance. The taste of garlic will keep rice insects away.

Can raw rice insects still eat

Rice washing tips:

1. Soak the rice in cold water for an hour so that the rice will be full.

2. The ratio of rice to water should be 1:1.2, passing through the first joint of the index finger.

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