The difference between cheese and cheese

There is no difference between cheese and cheese. The transliteration of cheese is cheese. It is commonly called cheese in China, so cheese is cheese.

Cheese is a kind of fermented milk product. Its properties are similar to common yoghurt. It is made through fermentation process and contains lactic acid bacteria that can be used for health care. However, the concentration of cheese is higher than that of yogurt, which is similar to solid food, so it has richer nutritional value.

The difference between cheese and cheese

Edible efficacy:

Cheese can enhance the ability of human body to resist diseases, promote metabolism, enhance vitality, protect eye health and protect skin fitness. Lactic acid bacteria and their metabolites in cheese have a certain health care effect on human body, help to maintain the stability and balance of normal flora in human intestine, and prevent fecal secretion and diarrhea.

Cheese has more fat and heat, but its cholesterol content is relatively low, which is also good for cardiovascular health. British sleeping doctors believe that people eat some cheese during meals to help prevent dental caries. Eating foods containing cheese can greatly increase the calcium content on the surface of teeth, thus inhibiting the occurrence of dental caries.

The difference between cheese and cheese

Unsuitable crowd:

Eating too much cheese is not easy to digest and is not suitable for people with poor intestines and stomach, but it is suitable for people with poor physique, because cheese is rich in protein, calcium, fat and many other nutrients. The elderly are best not to eat. Cheese is the essence of high nutrient content in milk. Therefore, the fat content of cheese is high. Although it has low fat on the market, it concentrates high concentration, which is harmful to the digestive system of the elderly.

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