Can I get on the plane

You can carry a small amount of cosmetics when flying. But do not carry liquid cosmetics such as mousse, shampoo and conditioner. For cosmetic products such as face cream and cleansing cream, the cosmetics that can be carried on the face can not exceed 100ml, and each limit is limited to one. It should be noted that the 100ml mentioned here is not the actual dose of cosmetics in the bottle, but refers to the capacity marked on the bottle.

Can I get on the plane

Expansion materials:

The types of liquid items that you can carry with you during the flight are limited:

Liquid drinks: such as mineral water, tea, carbonated drinks, milk, yogurt, fruit juice, etc;

Toiletries and toiletries: toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, moisturizer, shaving foam.

Can I get on the plane

Gel products: finalized water, gel water, etc.

Drugs: such as eye drops, oral or topical solutions, sprays, etc;

Liquid food: sweet sauce, bottled and canned food;

Aerosol: spray solution.

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