Traditional festivals and customs of Hani Nationality

The traditional festivals and customs of Hani nationality include June year, Yakuza, huosese, zalet, October year, gatangpa Festival, new rice Festival, mother's day, old people's day, Torch Festival, etc.

Hani nationality, known as aka nationality in Southeast Asia, whose national language is Hani Language, belongs to the Yi branch of Tibetan Burmese language family of Sino Tibetan language family. Modern Hani nationality uses newly created Pinyin characters based on Latin letters.

Traditional festivals and customs of Hani Nationality

Hani nationality, Yi nationality, Lahu Nationality and so on are homologous to the ancient Qiang nationality. The ancient Qiang people were nomadic on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. From 384 BC to 362 BC, the Qin Dynasty expanded rapidly. The nomadic groups of ancient Qiang people living on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau were attacked, dispersed and migrated, and some names of Qiang people evolved.

"Heyi" is a branch of the southern migration tribe of the ancient Qiang people. After they settled on the Bank of the Dadu River, they began farming life in order to adapt to the geographical environment and conditions of the local Pingba and "hundreds of valleys grow by themselves". After the Hani people settled down on the Dadu River, they were forced to leave the agricultural settlement due to war and other reasons and migrate again into Ailao Mountain in the subtropical zone of Yunnan Province.

Traditional festivals and customs of Hani Nationality

Most Hani people live on the hillside, and their villages are built according to the mountain situation. Hani people are mainly engaged in agriculture and are good at growing tea. They have a long history of growing tea. Gelang and nannuo mountain in Xishuangbanna are important producing areas of Pu'er tea, and their tea output accounts for one third of the output of Yunnan Province. Hani nationality is mainly distributed between Yuanjiang and Lancang rivers in Yunnan, China, and inhabits Honghe, Jiangcheng, Mojiang, Xinping, Zhenyuan and other counties.

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