Who are the Huns now

The Huns are now Hungarians. According to the analysis of many experts and scholars, today's Hungarians are actually descendants of the Huns. Hungarians are still different from Europeans in appearance, and Hungarian folk songs have the feeling of Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia in China. Therefore, there is still a certain scientific basis for the theory that the Huns are now Hungarians.

Who are the Huns now

Xiongnu people are the general name of a nomadic nationality rising in the north of China. The Huns were most powerful in the early Western Han Dynasty. During the Western Han Dynasty, the Huns often invaded the border of the Western Han Dynasty, which led to the unrest of the Western Han Dynasty and the people's livelihood. During the period of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, flying generals Li Guang, Huo Qubing and Wei Qing were all famous generals to resist the Huns. In particular, Huo Qubing defeated the Huns at a young age. Therefore, he also had the honor of "sealing the wolf and living in Xu".

Who are the Huns now

During the period of emperor yuan of the Han Dynasty, Wang Zhaojun went out to make peace with the Huns, which also won a long time of peace for the Han Dynasty and the Huns. In history, the Xiongnu and the Central Plains dynasties fought many times, making peace, submitting and opposing. With the passage of time, the Xianbei nationality in northern China has become stronger and stronger. The glorious Xiongnu people have also migrated, integrated with other nationalities, and gradually withdrew from the stage of history.

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