The moral of sunflower

The moral of sunflower: Silent Love represents the courage to pursue the happiness you want.

Sunflower language: faith, glory, pride, loyalty and admiration.

Sunflower is a herb of the genus sunflower in the composite family. It is native to South America and now distributed in Europe, North America and China. It is named because its inflorescence rotates with the sun.

The moral of sunflower

Extended data:

Sunflower is resistant to high and low temperature, has low requirements for soil, has strong salt and alkali resistance, and also has salt absorption performance. It is 1 ~ 3.5 meters high, with upright stems, round and angular, hard and white rough hair; Leaves widely ovate, usually alternate, rough on both sides, hairy, long stalked, capitate, solitary at the top of stem or branch end; Involucral bracts are multilayered, leafy, imbricate, hirsute, flowering in summer, pericarp lignified, gray or black.

The moral of sunflower

Sunflower seeds, flower discs, stem pith, leaves, flowers and roots can be used as medicine. Sunflower seeds taste sweet and flat, which can drive insects and stop dysentery. At the same time, the seeds are rich in linoleic acid, so they have a certain lipid-lowering effect. Seed oil can also be used as the basic drug of ointment. Flower plate can clear away heat and phlegm, cool blood and stop bleeding, and is effective for headache and dizziness. Stem pulp is a diuretic and anti-inflammatory agent. Leaves and petals can clear away heat and detoxification, and can also be used as a stomach tonic. Sunflower root is decocted with water, which can treat diseases such as frequent micturition, urgency and pain.

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