Can Samsung S8 get on the plane

Samsung S8 can be brought to the plane. Samsung S8 generally refers to Samsung Galaxy S8. It is a new generation of smart phone product launched by SamSung company in Korea. It was unveiled at MWC exhibition in February 2017. At present, no airline has prohibited the carrying of Samsung Galaxy S8, which can be carried with you.

Can Samsung S8 get on the plane

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According to Article 36 of the civil aviation passenger baggage transport rules of China, important documents and information, diplomatic bags, securities, currencies, bills of exchange, valuables, fragile and perishable items, and other items requiring special care shall not be included in the baggage for consignment. The carrier shall be liable for the loss or damage of the above items in the checked baggage as ordinary checked baggage.

Can Samsung S8 get on the plane

Prohibited articles, restricted articles, dangerous articles and other articles with peculiar smell or easy to stain the aircraft stipulated by the State shall not be checked as baggage or included in baggage. The carrier may refuse to accept the baggage or terminate the transportation at any time if he finds that the baggage contains any articles that cannot be transported as baggage or included in the baggage before receiving the baggage or during the transportation.

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