Can Sunscreen Spray pass security check?

Sunscreen spray can pass the security check. The volume of the bottle marked on a single bottle can not carry more than 100ml. If it exceeds, it will need to be checked with the luggage. You can buy 50-100ml bottle of spray over security check, or put a large bottle of sunscreen spray into small bottles to take away.

Can Sunscreen Spray pass security check?

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The specific definition of security inspection is as follows:

Security inspection is a safety technical inspection work, which is divided into travel inspection and cargo inspection. Its work includes the safety inspection of passengers and their luggage aboard civil aircraft, other personnel and their articles entering the isolation area of the terminal building, as well as air cargo and mail; Safety monitoring of personnel and articles in the isolation area of the terminal; To supervise the civil aircraft on flight mission, the airport security inspection department must check each passenger's valid ID card.

Can Sunscreen Spray pass security check?

According to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of public security and the Civil Aviation Administration, the valid identity documents for flying can be divided into four categories: resident identity cards, military documents, passport documents and other valid documents for flying. In accordance with the provisions of the International Convention for the suppression and prevention of illegal aircraft hijacking, all Contracting States shall take all necessary and possible measures in accordance with international and domestic laws to effectively prevent the occurrence of illegal acts endangering aviation safety and severely punish and crack down on criminal acts. The reason for conducting safety inspection on passengers is to ensure the safety of passengers and prevent the occurrence of illegal aircraft hijacking.

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