How to choose iron stick yam

The selection of tiebang yam depends on the appearance first. The appearance thickness of tiebang yam is relatively uniform, neither particularly thick nor particularly narrow. Tiebang yam is uniform in thickness, usually 1-2 cm in diameter (like an adult's thumb), the skin color is slightly dark, and the rhizome has iron red spots; If the diameter is too thick or the skin is too smooth, it means it is not authentic.

How to choose iron stick yam

Secondly, weigh the weight. The single weight of iron stick yam is generally about 200g. If it is too heavy, it may not be an authentic iron stick yam.

Finally, looking at the inside, the authentic iron stick yam can feel that its meat is hard, powdery enough, the cross section is very delicate, white or slightly yellow teeth, and less mucus. If the meat is not so hard and the powderiness is not enough, it is not an authentic iron stick yam.

How to choose iron stick yam

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Yam is sweet in taste, flat in nature, non-toxic, has the functions of strengthening the spleen, tonifying the lung, strengthening the kidney, benefiting the brain, benefiting the essence and beauty, anti-aging, anti-tumor, anti fatigue, anti stimulation of harmful substances, regulating metabolism, enhancing immune function, promoting growth, regulating endocrine, regulating cardiopulmonary function, exciting the blood system and regulating the nervous system.

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