Can the fruit of ginkgo tree be eaten

The fruit of ginkgo tree can be eaten. The fruit of ginkgo tree is commonly known as ginkgo, which is composed of fleshy exotesta, bone mesotesta, membranous endotesta and kernel. Ginkgo was listed as a royal tribute in the Song Dynasty. In terms of eating methods, ginkgo mainly includes fried food, roasted food, boiled food, side dishes, cakes, preserves, cans, drinks and wine.

Can the fruit of ginkgo tree be eaten

Therapeutic effect of Ginkgo:

Ginkgo biloba contains ginkgolic acid and Ginkgo biloba. It has antibacterial and bactericidal effects through experiments and can be used to treat infectious diseases. Ginkgo aqueous extract has different degrees of inhibition on various fungi and can relieve itching and treat tinea.

Can the fruit of ginkgo tree be eaten

Medicinal value of Ginkgo:

The medicinal use of Ginkgo biloba is mainly reflected in three aspects: medicine, pesticide and veterinary medicine. Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty once said: "entering the lung meridian, benefiting the spleen, calming asthma and cough, and reducing defecation." in the Fengyuan of Benjing written by Zhang Lulu of the Qing Dynasty, ginkgo has the functions of reducing phlegm, clearing poison and killing insects. It can treat "diseases such as scabies, ulcers of breast carbuncle, dental caries, infantile diarrhea, red leucorrhea, slow drenching, spermatorrhea and enuresis". In the Ming Dynasty, Chinese patent medicine processed with Ginkgo appeared in Jiangsu, Sichuan and other places for clinical use.

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