What traditional food do you eat in the heat

The traditional food in each region is different. The South will eat fairy grass, litchi, pineapple, etc. on the summer day; In the north, people will drink hot sheep, eat mutton and drink tea on the day of great heat. After the summer heat, one of the habits of people to send out the summer heat is to drink Fu tea, especially in Jiangxi and other places. People have the custom of drinking Lei tea in the summer. Many people will make black plum tea from the dried black plum in the backyard.

What traditional food do you eat in the heat

Many places in Guangdong have the custom of "eating fairy grass" in the summer. Fairy grass, also known as jelly grass and fairy grass, is an important herb of fairy grass in Labiatae. It is an important plant resource for both medicine and food. People in Putian, Fujian like to eat litchi, mutton and rice grains in the summer. Others say that litchi has the same nutritional value as ginseng.

What traditional food do you eat in the heat

There is a custom of "drinking summer sheep" (i.e. mutton soup) on the day when the great heat comes in the northern region. In Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, many citizens went to the local mutton soup hall to "drink summer sheep" on the summer day.

Zaozhuang's habit of eating Fu sheep is related to local farming and climate. Nutritionists have conducted in-depth research on this and believe that mutton has the highest nutritional level in dog days. In dog days, there is accumulated heat in the human body. At this time, drinking mutton soup and drinking chili oil, vinegar and garlic into the belly is bound to sweat all over the body. This sweat can take away the accumulated heat in the five internal organs and expel toxins from the body, which is very beneficial to health.

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