Use of rubber tree juice

The juice of rubber tree is natural rubber. Natural rubber is widely used in industry, national defense, transportation, medicine and health fields and daily life because of its strong elasticity, good insulation, plasticity, water and gas separation, tensile and wear resistance.

Use of rubber tree juice

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Hevea brasiliensis is native to the Amazon forest. It was transplanted to Qiu garden in England in 1873. In 1877, 22 three leaf Hevea brasiliensis were transported to Singapore, spread to the Malay Peninsula in 1898, and introduced in China in 1904. China's rubber planting areas are mainly distributed in Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Yunnan and other regions.

Use of rubber tree juice

Rubber trees are deciduous trees, large trees, up to 30 meters high, with milky juice, thin exocarp, reticulate veins after drying, thick endocarp and wood; Seeds elliptic, grayish brown, striped. Rubber trees should not be planted in low humidity places. They are suitable for growing in acid sandy loam with deep soil layer, fertile and humid and good drainage.

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