What is the use of expired honey

The use of expired honey can be skin care. Honey may change after the expiration of the nutrition, but the beauty, moisturizing, whitening and moisturizing functions are not completely lost. The most common is the collocation of milk, egg white, lemon juice and so on. Play the effect of eliminating scars or use it as a sunscreen.

What is the use of expired honey

In addition, expired honey can also be used as a hair conditioner when washing your hair. The reason is that the rich amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other components of honey have not been reduced after expiration. Therefore, using it to wash your hair can nourish your hair and make your hair more dark and shiny. For specific use, apply bee honey evenly on your hair and rub it properly for a while, Clean it with clean water after about 5 minutes.

What is the use of expired honey

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Honey is made by fully brewing the juice secreted by the nectary of plants collected by bees. It is produced in most parts of China. It is better to be as thick as curd, sweet and pure, clean, no impurities and no fermentation. Honey is mainly composed of sugars, 60% ~ 80% of which are glucose and fructose easily absorbed by human body. It is mainly used as nutritional tonic, medicine, processing candied food and brewing honey wine. It can also replace sugar as condiment.

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