Do snails Hibernate

Snails hibernate. Snails hibernate not to avoid the cold. Snails can withstand the severe cold of tens of degrees below zero. Snails hibernate because of lack of food. When it hibernates, it first hides in the corner of the wall, then secretes some mucus from the foot gland, seals the shell mouth with a layer of windproof film, and then sleeps safely for a winter.

Do snails Hibernate

Snails can not adapt to the environment that is too cold, too hot and too dry, so they will hibernate, hibernate and dry sleep. Every autumn, they will look for the cave under the tree root as a place to sleep.

Then a layer of mucous membrane mixed with lime is used to seal the opening of the shell. After the membrane hardens, it forms a membrane to protect the body, which can prevent the invasion of foreign objects. This layer of dura mater, commonly known as the upper diaphragm, has slight air permeability, so that snails can breathe and survive.

Do snails Hibernate

Snails like to burrow into loose humus soil to perch, lay eggs, adjust body humidity and absorb some nutrients for up to 12 hours. Omnivorous and partial eclipse coexist. Like damp, afraid of flooding.

Flooding can suffocate snails. Snails like constant temperature breeding. The temperature is constant between 25 ~ 28 ℃, and the growth, development and reproduction are vigorous. When a snail crawls, it will leave a line of mucus on the ground. This is a liquid secreted by its body. It will not be dangerous even when walking on the blade.

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