Can honey get on the plane

Honey can't be brought on the plane. It needs to be checked in. Generally speaking, the limited liquid items carried by domestic flights are only limited to cosmetics. Other types, such as drinks and honey, need to be checked in. Honey belongs to liquid goods. Passengers on domestic flights are prohibited from carrying liquid goods, but they can handle consignment.

Can honey get on the plane

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Honey is a natural sweet substance which is made from the nectar collected by bees from the flowers of flowering plants and fully brewed in the honeycomb. The smell is pure and sweet.

Bees take nectar or secretions with a water content of about 75% from the flowers of plants and store them in their second stomach. Under the action of various transformations in bees, worker bees store the transformed nectar or secretions in the nest hole and seal them with beeswax.

Can honey get on the plane

After about 15 days of repeated brewing, various vitamins, minerals and amino acids are enriched to a certain value, and the polysaccharides in nectar are transformed into monosaccharides glucose and fructose that can be directly absorbed by the human body. Nectar or secretions with a moisture content of less than 23% are honey. Honey is a supersaturated solution of sugar, which will produce crystallization at low temperature. Glucose will produce crystallization, and the part that does not produce crystallization is mainly fructose.

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