What can't get on the plane

What can't be carried on the aircraft are: Deterrence equipment (guns, military or police tools and controlled knives), inflammables and explosives, other prohibited goods specified by the state, tea drinks, fruit knives, mobile phone batteries, cosmetics with a capacity of more than 100ml.

What can't get on the plane

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Precautions for flying:

1. Be sure to go through the formalities half an hour before the plane takes off. Therefore, it is best to go to the airport in advance according to the situation, especially when there are many people such as golden week and Spring Festival transportation. Some airports are very strict. When it's time, they won't let them do it. For example, Beijing airport.

2. If you like a window seat, you can ask the handler to arrange a window seat for you when changing your boarding pass. Generally, there is no problem, unless you go very late and the positions are arranged for others.

What can't get on the plane

3. When checking baggage, some airports will charge an insurance premium of about 10 yuan, such as Fuzhou airport; If your suitcase is unlocked, some airports will force you to spend 5 yuan to buy a small lock, such as Guangzhou airport.

4. It's best to check the fruit knife in your luggage, otherwise 90% may be confiscated. In addition, small animals can't be brought on the plane. It's troublesome to check in and have quarantine certificates. Potted plants and flowers are OK.

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