Size of trolley box capable of boarding aircraft

Trolley cases within 21 inches can be brought on the plane. Domestic and international flights require the same size of carry on baggage, which cannot exceed 55cm (21 inches) × 40cm (15 inches) × 20cm (7 inches), which is 21 inches according to the domestic trunk standard. Luggage less than 21 inches and weighing less than 5kg can be brought on the plane. Those exceeding the specified size can only be checked.

Size of trolley box capable of boarding aircraft

Extended data:

1. Passengers must check in their luggage with a valid ticket. The carrier shall indicate the number and weight of checked baggage on the passenger ticket and baggage ticket.

2. Generally, the carrier shall collect the baggage when handling the check-in formalities on the day of flight departure; If group passengers have too many bags or need to check in advance for other reasons, they can check in at the time and place agreed with passengers.

Size of trolley box capable of boarding aircraft

3. The carrier shall attach a baggage tag to each piece of baggage checked by the passenger and hand over the identification to the passenger. The self-care baggage agreed by the carrier shall be weighed together with the checked baggage and handed over to the passenger for self-care in the cabin, and the self-care baggage tag shall be attached to the baggage.

4. Articles that are not baggage shall be checked as goods and cannot be checked as baggage.

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