The moral of Wutong tree

Wutong tree implies:

1. Parting feelings

In the Tang and Song poetry, the image and meaning of Wutong are the most important.

2. Lonely and sad

Wutong leaves, rain drops, and Wutong become the images of loneliness and sadness in literati's writing.

3. Faithful love

Wutong is Wutong, thick with leaves and deep-rooted leaves.

4. Noble character

Wutong tree is tall, it is a shelter for people and no reward. So it symbolizes noble character.

The moral of Wutong tree

Extended data:

Wutong, Wutong Wutong, native to China and Japan. It is widely cultivated from North China to South China and southwest, especially in the Yangtze River Basin.

Wutong is a deciduous tree. The twigs and petioles have yellowish brown pubescence, the white pith in the branches has yellowish thin transverse septum. Leaf blade broadly ovate, ovate, triangular ovate or ovate elliptic, apex acuminate, base truncate or broadly cuneate, rarely subcordate, entire or wavy toothed, both sides sparsely pubescent or nearly glabrous. Corymbose cymes terminal or axillary; Calyx purplish red, 5-lobed, several to base; Corolla white or pinkish; Style not exceeding stamens. Drupe subglobose, blue purple at maturity.

The moral of Wutong tree

Wutong trees are very light, warm and humid, and are not strong in cold resistance. It likes fertile, moist, deep and well drained soil, and can grow on acidic, neutral and calcareous soil, but it is not suitable to plant in ponding depression or saline alkali land, and it is not resistant to grassland. Waterlogging is easy to rot roots, and death can be caused by waterlogging for five days. It usually grows well in plains, hills and gullies.

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