Are hamsters solitary animals

Hamsters are not solitary animals. Both male and female hamsters have multiple partners. During the breeding season, female hamsters look for male caves. During mating, mating plugs form and seal the female's reproductive tract to prevent subsequent males from successfully inseminating. Hamsters do not hibernate and have the habit of storing food. They often lie down in the daytime and go out at night to avoid being preyed on. Hamsters are cute and naive. They are often kept as family pets.

Are hamsters solitary animals

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Hamsters are omnivorous animals with a wide range of feeding habits and a habit of storing food. It mainly feeds on plant seeds, as well as tender stems, leaves and fruits, and occasionally insects. Hamsters do not hibernate and live on stored food in winter. Up to 90 kilograms of hamster caves for food storage have been found.

Are hamsters solitary animals

Hamsters perceive visual, tactile, auditory and chemical stimuli. The day is basically the rest time for hamsters. They like to lie down in the day and come out at night. They are mainly active at night. Their eyesight is poor. They can only distinguish the shape vaguely, and their color can only distinguish black and white.

Hamsters use chemicals to communicate. Males mark their territory with their large sebaceous lateral glands. In fact, the size of these glands is related to the individual's position in the dominance level: the larger the gland, the greater the animal's dominance.

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