What traditional food do you eat at the beginning of spring

The traditional food at the beginning of spring includes radish, spring cake, spring plate, etc. At the beginning of spring, there is a tradition of eating radish. Radish is edible for the general population, and the price is cheap. It can be shredded, cut into pieces and cut into sections. Radish is rich in nutrition, rich in vitamins, minerals, water, dietary fiber, trace elements and other nutrients. At the beginning of spring, radish should be eaten and nourished.

What traditional food do you eat at the beginning of spring

Eating spring cakes is also one of the Chinese Folk Spring eating customs. In some areas, there is a custom of eating spring cakes at the beginning of spring. Spring cakes are the most delicious in the northeast and Beijing. It is said that spring cakes, as a traditional snack in Chaozhou, have evolved from ancient folk snacks in Chaozhou, which needs to be verified. Spring cakes are pancakes baked with flour. They are usually eaten with vegetables.

What traditional food do you eat at the beginning of spring

Since the Tang Dynasty, the custom of eating spring plates has been widely spread among the people. On spring day, people make spring cakes and lettuce, which are called "spring plate". The custom of eating spring dishes has been handed down to this day, but the content of spring dishes has changed greatly. They are mainly green leek, bean sprouts, parsley and other spring seasonal dishes, plus shredded meat, shredded tofu and other fried dishes. You can also add sea cucumber, mushrooms, shredded chicken and other raw materials, which vary from person to person.

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