The meaning and symbol of lotus

Lotus is out of mud but not dyed, so it has the meaning of white. Many scholars will use lotus to express their inner constancy.

It has high ornamental value. Since ancient times, it has the meaning of auspiciousness and wealth. People will stick the sticker of lotus at home, that is, they hope to bring wealth to their home. In addition, lotus also symbolizes friendship with friends, so it is very suitable for your confidant.

The meaning and symbol of lotus

Extended data:

Lotus, Ranunculaceae, is generally distributed in subtropical and temperate regions.

Lotus is an aquatic plant. It likes relatively stable calm shallow water, lakes, swamps and ponds. It is its suitable habitat. It likes light and is extremely intolerant of shade. The underground stem is long and plump, with long nodes and round leaf shield.

The flowering period of lotus is from June to September. It is single on the top of the pedicel. Most petals are embedded in the receptacle, with red, pink, white, purple and other colors. Nuts elliptic, seeds ovate.

The meaning and symbol of lotus

Flower language:

Innocence, nobility and modesty (high moral integrity), "out of the mud without dyeing, clean the ripples without demons" (Zhou Dunyi's theory of loving Lotus), which means the quality of constancy, purity, innocence and integrity. Elegance is shown in low-key.

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