The flower language and moral of morning glory

The flower language of morning glory is persistence, which means never giving up love. Its vitality is very tenacious, seemingly very soft, but it has an indomitable spirit.

The flower language of morning glory also has the meaning of temporary love, ethereal and illusory love. Morning glory symbolizes a kind of courage, tenacity and indomitable spirit.

The flower language and moral of morning glory

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Morning glory, belonging to the genus morning glory of Convolvulaceae, is an annual twining herb. The flowers of this plant are like trumpets, so they are called trumpets in some places. Morning glory is usually planted in spring and blooms in summer and autumn. There are many varieties. The colors of flowers include blue, crimson, peach, purple, etc. there are also mixed colors. There are many changes in the edge of petals. It is a common ornamental plant.

The flower language and moral of morning glory

The fruit of morning glory is ovoid and can be used as medicine. Morning glory has three lobed leaves and a heart-shaped base. The flowers are white, purple red or purple blue, funnel-shaped, and the whole plant has coarse hair. The flowering period is the most prosperous in summer. Seeds have medicinal value. In China, it is distributed in most areas except some provinces in Northwest and Northeast China. This species is native to tropical America and has been widely planted in tropical and subtropical areas.

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