The moral of Lily

Lilies symbolize a happy marriage for a hundred years. Usually at the wedding, the husband and wife give gifts to each other in the hope that this marriage can last forever with their love. Lily gives people a sacred and inviolable feeling, which means pure love and inviolable marriage.

The moral of Lily

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Lily is a perennial herbaceous bulbous plant in the lily family. It is native to the temperate regions of almost every continent in the northern hemisphere. It is mainly distributed in eastern Asia, Europe and North America. More than 110 varieties have been found in the world, of which 55 are produced in China. In recent years, there are many new varieties produced by artificial hybridization, such as Asian lily, musk lily, perfume lily, sunflower lily, Lily and so on.

The moral of Lily

Lily flowers are elegant, with green leaves and graceful stems. It is a rare cut flower rookie. Lily is also known as qiangshu, Chinese chives, Shandan, Daoxian, chongmai, atrium, Moro, chongxiang, zhongfenghua, Lily garlic, master garlic, garlic brain potato, nocturnal flower, etc.

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