When are the plums ripe

Plum ripens in summer. Plum ripening is usually in the plum rain season, and the specific time is from mid June to early August. From June, plum will be ripe and listed one after another, and the rich season will be in July and August. In addition, the ripening season of green plum is in spring, specifically around the Qingming Festival.

When are the plums ripe

Plum is the fruit of the fruit plum tree. It is sweet and flat in nature, large in fruit, thin in skin, shiny, thick in flesh, small in core, crisp and fine in quality, juicy, high in acidity, rich in a variety of amino acids required by the human body, and has a sweet smell in acid. It is known as the "king of cold fruits" and "natural green health food".

When are the plums ripe

How to choose plums:

Select plum varieties with large fruit shape, small stone, green and crisp color, neat fruit shape, full fruit, round thorn, small stone, juicy and sweet taste. Generally, the fruit with fat and tender fruit shape, full filling, dry fruit surface and no trace, downy and shiny fruit surface, and incomplete seed kernel is high-quality fresh plum. If the meat is soft, it is over cooked. Those with excellent meat are raw. It tastes sour and tastes bad.

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