What does air switch C20 mean

Air switch C20 means that the rated current of the circuit breaker of this air switch is 20A. If the current on the circuit exceeds 20a, the circuit will be cut off, which is what we call tripping. C means civil series, such as household appliances, lighting, etc; 20 indicates that the rated current is 20A.

What does air switch C20 mean

What is an air switch:

Air switch, also known as air circuit breaker, is a kind of circuit breaker. It is a switch that will automatically disconnect as long as the current in the circuit exceeds the rated current. Air switch is a very important electrical appliance in low-voltage distribution network and electric drive system. It integrates control and multiple protection functions. In addition to contacting and breaking the circuit, it can also protect the short circuit, serious overload and undervoltage of the circuit or electrical equipment. At the same time, it can also be used to start the motor infrequently.

What does air switch C20 mean

What types of air switches are available:

At present, there are two kinds of air switches in application, one is home decoration purpose, the other is engineering purpose. There are many specifications and models of air switches. The common specifications and models of air switches include C16, C40, C32, C80, C60, C100 and C120. They are also commonly used at present.

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