What does "Hi" mean

As if it were raining flowers, it was a popular word on the Internet. It was used to make complaints about Tucao mouth, but it could not fulfill its promise.

Origin of "kouhi":

The origin of this word has a long history. It first appeared in 2012. Some say it was the first live broadcast form similar to a talk show from the live platform. Some say it came from a local dialect. There is no way to verify the specific origin.

What does "Hi" mean

At first, kouhi was a derogatory term used to describe those who spoke quickly without passing through their brain. With the development of Internet, the popularity of ACGN culture has not make complaints about the word "Hi" so serious. Sometimes it is another way of Tucao. Or used to laugh at themselves. Sometimes, some people often say a lot before they die, to achieve the effect they didn't expect.

Now, kouhi has become a neutral derogatory word.

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