Restrictions on the use of temporary identity cards

Restrictions on the use of temporary identity cards include:

1. Time limit: the temporary ID card is only valid for three months.

2. Limitation of time: businesses that need to keep copies for a long time cannot be handled.

3. Function limitation: the temporary ID card has no chip and cannot be read by machine, that is, the business requiring ID card cannot be handled.

Restrictions on the use of temporary identity cards

The purpose of temporary resident ID card is the same as that of official ID card. Temporary resident ID card also has the legal effect of proving citizenship, and the legal effect of the two is the same. Citizens who need to prove their identity when engaging in relevant activities have the right to use temporary resident identity cards to prove their identity. Relevant units and their staff shall not refuse.

Restrictions on the use of temporary identity cards

Article 2 of the measures for the administration of temporary identity cards stipulates that "Chinese citizens living in the territory of the people's Republic of China may apply for temporary identity cards if they are in urgent need of a resident identity card during the period of applying for, replacing or reissuing a resident identity card".   

The temporary ID card is limited to three months and is valid from the date of issuance.

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