What do you mean by the postmark

Because the time of sending mail to the destination is different. There should be a unified deadline. When sending mail, the post office will affix a postmark on the mail. The postmark contains the date and time of sending, and the organizer will take the time stamped by the post office at the time of sending. For example, the deadline of an activity is June 30 (subject to the postmark). The post office will stamp the black seal postmark on the stamp of your letter, as long as the date on the postmark is June 30 (including June 30).

What do you mean by the postmark

When sending a letter, the local post office will stamp the letter. This is the outgoing postmark. The post office in the city where the letter is received will affix a postmark on the letter, which is the postmark after it is sent, indicating that the letter has been received.

The stamp stamped by the post office, commonly known as the postmark, consists of the name of the post office and the date of the day. For example, on February 3, Xi'an Xiaozhai post office sent it to Shenzhen Luohu (arrived on February 9), the postmark date stamped by Xi'an Xiaozhai post office is 2009-02-03, and the postmark date stamped by Luohu post office is 20090209.

What do you mean by the postmark

Once the postal date stamp is stamped on the mail and relevant vouchers, the postal agency shall bear relevant legal and work responsibilities for the communication matters and related work entrusted by the user.

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