What do passengers and transferees mean

A passenger is a person who takes a vehicle. The transferee refers to the beneficiary whose points offset the train ticket. Passengers can add the transferee and use their own points to buy the ticket for the transferee and offset part of the ticket price. For example, if the wife is added to the account as the transferee, the points can offset the ticket money when buying tickets for the wife. The transferee belongs to a kind of passenger, and the passenger includes the transferee.

What do passengers and transferees mean

The transferee comes from the preferential policies launched by the railway. Usually, buying a one yuan ticket will accumulate five points. After 10000 points, 100 points can top 1 yuan, which can offset the train ticket price.

What do passengers and transferees mean

12306 what does the assignee mean

The transferee is the natural person set up by the member who can jointly enjoy the points exchange ticket or service. The transferee can be set through 12306 website and app, ticket vending machine and station member service window. Members can exchange points for tickets for themselves or designated assignees. Therefore, to buy a train ticket for others with points, you need to add others as the transferee first.

Each member can set up at most 8 transferees, which will take effect automatically 60 days (including the day) after the successful addition.

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