What is lipstick made of

Lipstick materials include colorants, fillers, waxes, oils, pearlescent agents, flavors and preservatives. The raw material composition of lipstick is actually very simple. It is basically oil, grease and wax. In order to make lipstick of different colors, some pigments will be added, and some vitamin E will be added to resist oxidation and prevent the lipstick from discoloration. Some lipstick with flashing effect also contains mica, iron oxide, titanium dioxide and other components.

What is lipstick made of

Lipstick is a kind of lip beauty cosmetics. The main function of lipstick is to give lip tone, emphasize or change the contour of both lips, showing more vitality and vitality. The world's first lipstick was discovered in the Sumerian city of ur about 5000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians used black, orange and purple lipstick; In ancient Rome, a lipstick called Fucus was made of purplish red plant dye containing mercury and red wine sediment.

What is lipstick made of

In ancient China, it was called lip fat. Some of them were made into cylindrical shape, and some were powdery. Powdery lipstick was painted with pigment on both sides of the paper. After it was closed with the lips, the color naturally attached to the lips. Noble women in Tang Dynasty and Geisha in Jiaofang liked to use sandalwood color for lip injection, which was used by later generations. In the Victorian period, lipstick was regarded as the product of prostitutes, and the use of lipstick was a taboo.

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