What season are figs

Figs are fruits in summer and autumn. Figs are planted in different areas and mature at different times. Their fruiting period can be from June to November. Figs usually bloom from April to may in spring. Under normal circumstances, they are picked in June. Generally, summer fruits are fully mature in early July, autumn fruits are gradually mature from late August to mid October, and fallen leaves in late November.

What season are figs

Fig (Ficus carica Linn.) is a flowering plant, belonging to Ficus of mulberry family. It mainly grows in some tropical and temperate areas and belongs to subtropical deciduous small trees.

At present, there are 800 known varieties of fig, most of which are evergreen varieties, and only those longer than temperate regions are deciduous varieties. The fruit is bulbous, with a small hole in the tail, and the pollen is transmitted by wasps. In addition to fresh food and medicine, fig can also be processed into dried fruit, preserved fruit, jam, fruit juice, fruit tea, fruit wine, beverage, canned food, etc.

What season are figs

How to choose figs:

Figs can be selected from five conditions: color, individual, smell, tail and hardness. Generally speaking, the darker the color, the sweeter it is. It is better to choose purple mature fruits. Individuals need to choose larger ones. The air temperature smells fragrant, indicating that the fruit has better quality. On the contrary, sour taste indicates poor quality. The tail needs to choose non cracked fruits. Cracked fruits, bacteria or magazines will enter the interior of Fig. the softer the hardness, indicating that it is about mature.

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