What's the name of Huawei voice assistant

Huawei's voice assistant, Xiaoyi, is a voice control program for the terminal developed by Huawei terminal company. After starting the voice assistant, just say the set wake-up word aloud. For example, Xiaoyi can wake up the voice assistant. Huawei voice assistant can help you make phone calls, send text messages, check maps, search web pages, visit Taobao, send microblogs, chat QQ, listen to music and so on.

What's the name of Huawei voice assistant

What are the functions of Xiaoyi

1. Voice call. If you say "Xiaoyi, Xiaoyi, call Xiaohua", you can complete the call for you.

2. Voice search device. When the device is nearby but can't be found, say "where are you?" loudly, and the device will respond "I'm here", flash, vibrate and ring.

3. Voice assistant can also take a taxi, send microblog and other operations.

In the black screen or lock screen mode, you can call the voice assistant through the wake-up word. If the tablet has set the lock screen password, you need to unlock the screen first before the voice assistant can continue to complete the instruction.

What's the name of Huawei voice assistant

Name of mobile phone voice assistant of each brand:

Apple: Siri; Samsung: Bixby; Xiaomi: Xiaoai; Vivo: small V; Huawei: Xiaoyi; Glory: yoyo; Oppo: small o.

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