Main uses of Tang Tri Color

Main uses of Tang Tri Color:

1. Pluto. The Tang Tri Color is fragile and has poor waterproof performance. It is not suitable for writers. It is mostly used as a burial weapon. Most of the Tang Tri Color unearthed today are from tombs of the Tang Dynasty.

2. Religious supplies. The missionary room set up in Qingshan temple in Lintong, Shaanxi Province shows an unearthed religious article of Tang Tri Color.

3. Building materials. In ancient times, people would use Tang Tri Color materials for construction. For example, the glass on the roof was made of Tang Tri Color.

Main uses of Tang Tri Color

Extended data:

The full name of the three colors of the Tang Dynasty is the three color glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty. On the same ware, the basic glaze colors such as yellow, green, white or yellow, green, blue, ochre and black are used alternately at the same time to form a colorful artistic effect. "Three colors" means colorful and does not specifically refer to three colors.

Main uses of Tang Tri Color

Tang tricolor is a multi-color low-temperature glazed pottery. It uses fine white clay as tire material and lead containing oxide as cosolvent in order to reduce the melting temperature of glaze.

In the firing process, metal oxides containing copper, iron, cobalt and other elements are used as colorants to melt into the lead glaze to form a variety of glaze colors such as yellow, green, blue, white, purple and brown. However, many utensils are mainly yellow, green and white, and even some utensils have only one or two of the above colors, which are collectively referred to as the "three colors of the Tang Dynasty".

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