What is the nickname of a six string instrument

The guitar, also known as the six string piano, is a plucked instrument. It usually has six strings and is similar in shape to the violin. The panel and back plate are flat. The waist of the piano is generally concave without angle, and the classical guitar is generally concave. The neck is very wide and long. There are string pillows on the fingerboard and many narrow and slightly upward raised metal horizontal grids, which are called "pin". It divides the strings into many semitones.

What is the nickname of a six string instrument

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Guitar is used in many musical styles. It is often regarded as the main instrument in pop music, rock music, blues, folk songs and flamenco. Guitar has also been used in classical music, a large number of solos, chamber music and orchestral music. It usually has six strings, but it also has four strings, eight strings, ten strings and twelve strings.

There are two main types of Guitars: one is the wooden guitar with a long history and amplified by wooden resonance box; The second is the electric guitar invented in the 20th century and amplified with an electric loudspeaker.

There are four kinds of Acoustic Guitars: plane Guitar (also known as folk guitar in China), arch Guitar (also known as jazz guitar), classical guitar and flamenco guitar. Wooden guitar is usually used in classical music, folk music and pop music. Electric guitar is usually used for rock music, blues and pop music. The invention of electric guitar has an important impact on western pop culture and music.

What is the nickname of a six string instrument

The most "noble" classical guitar in the guitar family is listed as one of the three world-famous musical instruments together with Violin and piano.

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