How to choose passion fruit

How to choose passion fruit:

1. Weigh it

The sugar content of heavy ones will be greater than that of light ones. Choose a single heavy passion fruit with sufficient sugar.

2. Take a look

Passion fruit with dark purple color is mature. Such passion fruit tastes good and light color is bitter.

3. Smell it

If you can smell sweet outside, such passion fruit is mature and tastes better.

4. Shake it

Pick up the passion fruit and shake it gently. If there is no sound, it proves that the pulp inside sticks to the peel and is relatively fresh.

How to choose passion fruit

Extended data:

Passion fruit is a kind of spice fruit, which has the reputation of "king of fruit juice". The stem of passion fruit has fine stripes, and the berry is ovoid and hairless. The juice is rich in nutrition and fragrant. Egg fruit is native to the Antilles and is widely planted in tropical and subtropical areas. It is born in the valley and jungle with an altitude of 180 ~ 1900 meters. The fruit can be eaten raw or used as vegetables and feed. It can be used as medicine and has the effect of excitement and strength.

How to choose passion fruit

Passion fruit has fragrant smell, sour and sweet juice and high nutritional value. Often eating passion fruit can deeply clean up the intestines and stomach, and has a certain adjuvant therapeutic effect on colitis, gastroenteritis, hemorrhoids and other diseases; It can also detoxify and beautify, and fight against aging; Regular eating can also relieve fatigue, fight mental depression, lose weight, calm the mind and help sleep, generate saliva and moisten the throat.

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