What is the use of expired yogurt

Use of expired yogurt:

1, overdue yogurt can mask, feet, hair care, is conducive to moisturizing the skin, moisturizing hair.

2. Expired yogurt can wipe leather shoes and floor, which will not only make the surface of leather shoes and floor as bright and clean as new, but also prevent surface dryness and cracking.

3. Expired yogurt can effectively remove ink stains from clothes.

4. Expired yogurt can be used to make noodles. Yogurt itself contains lactic acid and has the function of fermentation.

5. Expired yogurt is used as flower fertilizer. In order to prevent the spread of sour taste, yogurt can be buried in the land.

What is the use of expired yogurt

Can yogurt be drunk after expiration:

1. Expired yogurt often breeds rich pathogenic bacteria. If you drink yogurt containing pathogenic bacteria, it is easy to cause abdominal pain, abdominal distention and diarrhea, which will endanger your health.

2. Many nutrients in yogurt have been decomposed and consumed. Drinking expired yogurt can not supplement nutrition and promote health.

3. Such yogurt will contain allergenic substances, especially the decomposition products of protein, which are more likely to cause allergy. At least, it will cause skin itching and rash, and at worst, it may cause asthma and harm the body.

What is the use of expired yogurt

Function of yogurt:

1. Maintain the ecological balance of intestinal flora, form a biological barrier and inhibit the invasion of harmful bacteria to the intestine.

2. It can prevent constipation by producing a large number of short chain fatty acids, promoting intestinal peristalsis and bacterial growth, and changing osmotic pressure.

3. Yogurt contains a variety of enzymes to promote digestion and absorption.

4. By inhibiting the growth of saprophytic bacteria in the intestinal tract, it inhibits the toxins produced by corruption, protects the liver and brain from the harm of these toxins and prevents aging.

5. By inhibiting the growth of saprophytic bacteria and some bacteria in the intestine. Thus, it also inhibits the carcinogenic factors produced by these bacteria to achieve the purpose of cancer prevention.

6. To improve human immune function, lactic acid bacteria can produce some substances to enhance immune function, improve human immunity and prevent diseases.

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