What about squeezing feet in front of new shoes

New shoe squeezing tips:

1. Use a hair dryer to blow on the toe. Stop blowing for a few more minutes. After repeated several times, the toe will become hot and soften, which will alleviate the problem of squeezing the foot.

2, putting a small sponge or a small piece of foam on the toes can relieve the pain of the toe squeezing.

3, use Baijiu, wet a piece of cotton with Baijiu, then wrap it in the side of the shoe, and then tap the small hammer on the cotton. This will soften the leather of the new shoes.

What about squeezing feet in front of new shoes

How to choose the right shoes:

1. Be sure to stand up and walk when trying on shoes

When trying on, stand up and walk to see if you feel comfortable. Don't just sit and try on. When standing, the foot board will be wide, the toes will be slightly separated, and the foot length will become longer. Therefore, stand up and try on and walk to avoid buying shoes that are too small and too narrow. In addition, it's best to walk a long distance, don't just walk two or three steps, and make sure that the feet are not uncomfortable.

2. The time for wearing new shoes should not be too long

Because the new shoes are hard, it is easy to make the feet bear abnormal pressure. When wearing new shoes, check whether there is skin damage, cocoon or compression redness and swelling.

3. When trying on shoes, be sure to wear socks

If you buy sports shoes, you should wear sports socks. Shoes are mainly ordinary cotton socks. Don't try on shoes barefoot.

4. Choose shoes with shoelaces or buckle straps

Try not to choose shoes fixed with elastic bands, zippers or buttons, which can allow the volume change of the feet caused by different sitting and standing positions in the morning and evening, and make the shoes wear firmly on the feet.

What about squeezing feet in front of new shoes

5. Heel height less than 3 cm is ideal

Don't buy pointed shoes. Because the forefoot of Oriental people is wide, you must choose shoes with round and wide toe and enough space in the shoes. Don't buy pointed shoes to avoid pain or corns caused by squeezing your toes; In addition, the heel height should be less than 3 cm to avoid pain caused by excessive pressure on the forefoot, and the heel should not be too thin to avoid ankle sprain.

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