What season is an orange

Oranges are fruits in autumn and winter. Oranges can be divided into early maturing, Medium Maturing and late maturing varieties according to the maturity date. Early maturing orange varieties mature around October, Medium Maturing orange varieties mature around November, and late maturing orange varieties mature around January of the next year.

What season is an orange

Extended data:

Oranges are often collectively referred to as oranges together with oranges. They are bright in color, sour, sweet and delicious. They are generally orange, cyan or other colors. They are one of the most common fruits in people's life. The peel can be used as medicine.

Orange tastes sweet and sour, warm in nature, and enters the lung. It is mainly used to treat pneumothorax, vomiting, less food, deficiency of stomach yin, thirst in the mouth, lung heat cough and excessive drinking. Oranges are also very nutritious. An orange almost meets the vitamin C content required by the human body in a day. And orange contains more than 170 plant compounds and more than 60 flavonoids, most of which are natural antioxidants.

What season is an orange

How to choose oranges:

1. Look at the color

The color is green and the orange is sour. If you like sour, pick the green one; Orange is the best, with moderate acidity and sweetness; Don't choose too dark color, because it's going to rot.

2. Look at the end of an orange

Oranges are usually spherical. Some oranges are more prominent, and the other end is a small dot, which is almost spherical. This is sour. One end of the long handle of an orange is not prominent, and the other end is not a small circle, but a small circle, and the shape is relatively flat. Such an orange is sweeter.

3. Look at the orange peel

The epidermis is rough and has large particles. The skin is thick and the weighing scale is not sweet; The skin is smooth and generally sweet.

4. Look at elasticity

Soft and resilient, oranges are delicious. If they are too hard and soft, they are either undercooked or overcooked.

5. Look at gender

Oranges are also divided into male and female. Female oranges are generally sweet, and the taste of male oranges is very general. Look at the navel of an orange. Only one small point is a male orange, and one small ring is a female orange.

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