Use and application of caustic soda

Caustic soda is mainly used in papermaking, synthetic detergent, refining of animal and vegetable oils, as desizing agent for cotton cloth, in the production of borax and in the refining of petroleum products. When using, be sure to ventilate the main environment and wear gas masks. Caustic soda has a strong corrosive effect, so you must pay attention to prevent splashing on yourself in the process of use.

Use and application of caustic soda

Caustic soda is usually used in industry, dyes, rayon and so on. It is easily soluble in water and can enhance the conductivity of water. It is also one of the common chemicals for price comparison. Caustic soda used in industry is a white opaque solid. There are massive, granular and rod-shaped. Industrial caustic soda does great harm to human body. It is a highly toxic chemical with strong corrosivity. It can cause death only by eating 1.95g.

Use and application of caustic soda

It is common for caustic soda to be used as a moisture-proof agent, but it should be noted that caustic soda should be discarded after being used for a period of time. Caustic soda should not be placed for too long, otherwise it is easy to cause certain damage to other objects. Caustic soda has strong moisture absorption. If it is used for high-temperature calcination, it should be mixed evenly and calcined in a short time as far as possible, and should not be placed for a long time.

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