When do apricot flowers bloom

Apricot flowers bloom in spring. Apricot flowers usually bloom between March and April every year, that is, around February of the lunar calendar. However, the specific flowering time is uncertain due to different cultivation areas and breeding environment. The flowering period of a single flower is very short, only about a week, and the flowering period of the whole plant can last about 20-30 days.

When do apricot flowers bloom

Extended data:

Apricot flower is native to China and widely distributed in East and Central Asia. It can be planted in front of the court, at the corner of the wall, beside the road and by the water. It can also be planted in groups or on the hillside and by the water. The apricot flower is solitary, the first leaves open, and the petals are white or slightly red.

Apricot flower is an ancient flower and tree. It has been recorded in Guanzi published hundreds of years ago. Therefore, it has been cultivated in China for at least two or three thousand years. It can not only harvest fruits but also enjoy flowers. It plays an important role in fruit and tree production and urban beautification.

When do apricot flowers bloom

When in full bloom, the apricot flowers are gorgeous and charming, with beautiful flowers and rouge, accounting for the spring breeze. If planted in rows in the home courtyard, red clouds bloom in spring, which is very spectacular and moving. It is also suitable for single plant viewing, such as mixed planting with weeping willows. When willow leaves turn green, they reflect each other and have more distinctive colors. The old apricot trees of more than ten years are vigorous in posture, with big crown and drooping branches. If they are planted alone by the water pool, they form an antique reflection in the water, which is of infinite interest.

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