When do lotus flowers bloom

Lotus flowers bloom in summer. Lotus, also known as lotus, hibiscus, etc., is planted in most parts of China. The flowering period is from June to September. A small number of flowers bloom from June to July to August, which is the most prosperous period, and the end of September.

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Lotus is an aquatic plant. It likes relatively stable calm shallow water, lakes, swamps and ponds. The water demand of lotus depends on its varieties. Large plant varieties such as ancient lotus and red Chiba are deeper than the water level, but can not exceed 1.7m. Small and medium plant shapes are only suitable for water depths of 20-60cm.

When do lotus flowers bloom

At the same time, the lotus is very sensitive to water loss. As long as there is no irrigation for 3 hours in summer, the lotus leaves planted in the water tank will wither. If there is no water for a day, the lotus leaves will be scorched and the flower buds will wither. The lotus also likes light very much and needs a full light environment during its growth period. Lotus is extremely intolerant to shade, and will show strong phototaxis when growing in half shade.

When do lotus flowers bloom

Lotus ranks eighth among China's top ten famous flowers, known as water hibiscus. There are many varieties of lotus. Different varieties have different flower colors and petal types. For example, Bilian has white flowers and double petals. The flower of East Lake red lotus is pink, the petal is single, the flower of Tang Wan is pink, and the petal is compound.

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