What season is the ice melting

The melting of ice and snow is spring. Melting ice and snow is a Chinese word, which means that everything is full of vitality and vitality again. Because in spring, the climate warms and the warm air melts the ice and snow. When people see the ice and snow melting, they know that spring is coming.

What season is the ice melting

In nature, there are two phenomena of melting ice and snow. One is that the sunlight melts the ice and snow just after the snow; One refers to the long-term ice and snow in winter. When spring comes, the weather is warming, and the ice and snow will no longer have ice and snow after melting. In society, melting ice and snow represents the arrival of hope and warmth!

What season is the ice melting

Spring, also known as spring, is the first season of the four seasons. It refers to the period from the beginning of spring to the beginning of summer, including solar terms, including the beginning of spring, rain, waking insects, spring equinox, Qingming and Gu Yu. It is the season when everything recovers. Generally, the northern hemisphere is defined as spring from March to May of the Gregorian calendar, while the southern hemisphere is defined as spring from late September to late December of the Gregorian calendar. In spring, the climate is warm and moderate. There is rainfall in most parts of inland China, and all things germinate. The climate is changeable, warm at first and cold at first.

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