What season is the east wind blowing

It's spring. Because the east wind blows in spring, the east wind comes from the ocean, bringing abundant water vapor and spring rain. The east wind recovers everything and makes spring more spring, so it is often used to symbolize spring. In addition to the east wind, the wind direction can also be used to refer to other seasons. For example, the west wind represents autumn, the south wind represents summer, and the north wind represents winter.

What season is the east wind blowing

In ancient poems describing spring, we often see the word "east wind". Combined with the meaning of the context, "east wind" seems to mean "spring wind".

For example, the "east wind" in Li Yu of the Tang and Five Dynasties is the spring wind.

The whole poem: the east wind blows, the begonias bloom, and the champs are all over the building. Incense and Hongyan piled up, and were broken by beauty and branches, falling into gold hairpins.

The gentle spring breeze blew the Begonia flowers open, and the rich fragrance filled the pavilions. Clusters of red flowers and clusters of incense. The fragrance overlaps with the red flowers and is folded by the beauty. The flowers are fragrant and inserted into the golden hairpin.

What season is the east wind blowing

China's geographical location makes China a country with significant monsoon climate. To the east of China is the Pacific Ocean and to the west is the inland of Asia. Therefore, in spring, the monsoon blows from the east or southeast, which is the "east wind" in ancient poetry. Similarly, when the ancients mentioned "autumn wind", they often described it as "west wind".

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