Can the ceramic knife pass the security check

Ceramic knives cannot pass the security check. Ceramic knives can not pass the security check normally, because ceramic knives are knives that may endanger the personal safety of passengers. They will be prohibited to carry whether taking the subway, train or plane.

Ceramic knives are made of high purity ultrafine zirconia powder, and are manufactured by spray granulation, isostatic pressing, precision machining and so on. The hardness of ceramic knives is 60 times that of ordinary metal knives, and its sharpness is no less than that of ordinary steel knives.

Can the ceramic knife pass the security check

Due to the special material of ceramic knife, it is usually difficult to be found. Once it is brought on the plane or train, it will bring great hidden dangers to safety.

What if the ceramic knife can't pass the security check:

1. Not all knives can be carried. If the blade length is no more than 8cm, the sharpness of the tip is no less than 60 degrees, the blade length of the handle is no more than 15cm, and the blade angle is no less than 60 degrees, you can handle consignment.

Can the ceramic knife pass the security check

2. In addition to the basic freight, there are also specific fees such as handling fees, packaging services and cargo signing services. Passengers can consult at the station window. If you need to check in, passengers should arrive at the station 1 to 3 hours in advance.

3. Not all stations can handle the consignment. The upper and lower stations must have the ability to handle the consignment at the same time, and the consigned knives can be sent home.

4. If it is inconvenient, you can also choose to deposit the knife in the railway department or let relatives who come to see you off take it back.

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